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Tired of fake reviews? ReviewFinder identifies key expert reviews of most popular products and on the market and extracts the most common repeated sentiments by each critic to establish expert consensus.

Example of product review consensus:

Every product in our database has a profile page with reviews, specs, prices and potential alternatives.

  • We track new bestsellers, prices and popularity of products in 100,000+ categories in 12 countries.
  • We detect and match reviews by key experts and publishers.
  • We compute our special "popularity score", "consumer score", "critic score" and "awesomeness score".
  • We use all of that to suggest good alternatives in the same price range as the product you are looking for.

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We've all done this at some point; a quest of finding the best microwave (speaker, laptop, gaming chair...) turns into 3 hours of digging through Internet and opening about a dozen tabs in your browser.

At ReviewFinder we collect all product-related information into one database. Robots collect the info, while humans check the data for quality and accuracy. All of this is compiled into one page that will give you objective info on what products are the most popular at every price point, which ones are the hidden gems, and which ones you should avoid.


Most pages have a neat little "edit" icon on them. Consider taking a minute to share your product expertise. You can link reviews, videos, manufacturer links specs, documents and more to a product profile page (kind of like a little product wiki!).

Or if you spot an error - just hit the "report" button. Our team looks through and verifies every single product report.

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